GenOvis Participants List


Click on the link above to access the participants list.

Click on the farm name to access their website or their Facebook page.

Please contact the genetic team at 418 856-1200, extension 221 or by e-mail genovis@cepoq.com if any modification need to be processed.

Welcome on the GenOvis website

The new GenOvis website is now online! This site is available in English and in French. The new website’s dynamic options will enjoy users.

To begin with the principal menu allows you to access all documents related to animal and breed performances, ultrasound measurements, data capture and reference documents and CEPOQ's genetic publications.

A search engine is available in the left hand menu to facilitate your search.

Also the left hand menu is interactive and lets you know the GenOvis and genetic news. In addtition, you can subscribe to our electronic bulletin. This allows you to receive monthly genetic and research articles or any other pertinent genetic related information. Finally, once or twice a month, in the Online Survey section, a new question is posted to get your opinion about a specific topic.

There are also quick links to CEPOQ's site, Sheep genetic web application, GenOvis' blog, SEMRPQ's site and OSMA's site by clicking on the logo.

If you need more information on Join Me, please click here.

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