GenOvis Awards


All Canada Sheep Classic GenOvis Awards

The GenOvis Award would promote animals evaluated on the sheep genetic program that also have a good conformation.


  • Breeders must be enrolled in the GenOvis program for the current year
  • Animal must be evaluated on GenOvis


  • 60 points are given according to the genetic value of the animal
    • Terminal breeds: based on CARC
    • Maternal breeds: based on MAT-HP
    • Prolific breeds: based on MAT
  • 40 points are given according to the animal conformation

GenOvis Awards:

Breed Champion:

Within each breed, the best ewe and the best ram will receive the Champion certificate

Terminal, maternal and prolific breeds Grand Champion

Within each of the following categories, the best animal will be named Grand Champion:

  • Terminal Breed (CARC index)
  • Maternal Breed (MAT-HP index)
  • Prolific Breed (MAT index)

Among the champions of each breed, the animal, with the higher percentile for the index related to the category, will win. If two animals have the same percentile, the one with the higher index value will win.


2018 Winners

2017 Winners

2016 Winners

GenOvis Awards

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