Data Entry Files


Data Entry Files

This section presents all printable and electronic documents to process good data entries at home. Documents include lamb input forms, inventory forms, weighing calculator forms and Julian calendar.

- Inventory Form (printable form)

- Lamb Data Form (printable form)

- Ultrasound Data Collection Form (printable form)

- Weighing Date Calculation Table (printable form)

- Automatic Weighing Date Calculator

- Julian Day Calendar 2016

- Julian Day Calendar 2017

- Julian Day Calendar 2018

- Julian Day Calendar 2019

- Julian Day Calendar 2020


Data upload Excel heading templates:

- Flock Inventory

- Disposal and Transfert File

- Complete Lamb Input Data

- 50d Weight Entry File

- 100d Weights Entry File


Other documents

Breed codes

Disposal and Comment Codes


Export Files Headers



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