Improved GenOvis



 Updated Genetic Indexes: How to Make Selection?



2016, a Year of Improvement for GenOvis, Canada’s Genetic Evaluation Program

Mélanie Larochelle, arg. M.Sc, genetic consultant CEPOQ and Cathy Thériault-Landry, TPA, GenOvis data collection, CEPOQ, Ovin Québec - Spring 2016

Selection Indexes Best Suited for Breeders!

Frédéric Fortin, agr. M.Sc., CEPOQ geneticist, Sheep Canada - Winter 2017

GenOvis: New program brings new questions

Frédéric Fortin, agr. M.Sc., CEPOQ geneticist and Amélie St-Pierre, AHT, GenOvis data collection, CEPOQ, Sheep Canada - Summer 2017

Option GenOvis Fall 2016

New EPDs and updated genetic indexes 

Option GenOvis Fall 2017

Optimal option of the mating module



Genetic selection indexes renewed

Paternal breeds

Gain index (GAIN)

Carcass index (CARCASS)


Maternal breeds : to increase maternal traits - low emphasis on prolificacy

Maternal index (MAT)

Maternal Ultrasound index (MAT-U)


Maternal breeds: To increase prolificacy

Maternal Higher Prolificacy index (MAT-HP)

Maternal Ultrasound Higher Prolificacy index (MAT-UHP)



Annual performances 2015 (Quebec) 

Annual performances 2015 (Ontario)

Annual performances 2015 (Canada)



New weighing periods:

50d weighing: Between 28 to 72 days

100d weighing: Between 73 to 135 days 

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